Recommended Padlocks for use with Tank Arm

Diagram showing required padlock dimensions
Padlock requirements for a Tank Arm with a single lid lock

To secure your Tank Arm, you will need a padlock. Our suggested padlock for any Tank Arm is the ABUS Diskus Padlock, available to buy below. However if you already have a padlock, you can use your own, so long as it meets some criteria.

It is important you read these guidelines, as fitting an unsuitable padlock may result in the arms of the lock being separated, creating enough clearance to remove the oil tank lid, making the Tank Arm pointless!

If you have a single lid lock (including large outer lid locks for bunded tanks), you can secure your Tank Arm with any padlock, so long as the shackle is 12mm diameter or less.

If you have a double lid lock, you can secure your Tank Arm with any padlock that meets these requirements:

  • a discus style padlock
  • shackle diameter of no more than 10mm
  • maximum verticle shackle clearance of 10mm*

* If your vertical shackle clearance exceeds 15mm, you can buy a filler square for £1 (excl. VAT) to fill the gap.


Oil Tank Padlocks From
Padlock requirements for a Tank Arm with a double lid lock

ABUS Diskus Padlock - £15.00 (excl. VAT)

WordLock instructions


If you have a padlock over 15mm (vertical clearance), you can buy a Filler Square to fill the gap.

Padlock filler square

Padlock filler square - £1.00 (excl. VAT)

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