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Lovell Fuels Ltd, established in 2001 (previously Simon Lovell Engineering Ltd), now also trading as tanklocks.com, has over 25 years experience in the oil industry, as an oil distributor, oil tank supplier and mechanical engineer.

The need for oil tank security...

Over the years the oil industry has changed. The days when heating oil and red diesel were 10p per litre are long gone! Oil is now a much more valuable commodity, and thieves are increasingly targeting domestic oil tanks.

Many oil tanks that were fitted when oil was cheap weren’t supplied with much in the way of security for the lids, and some still aren't.

tanklocks.com was born!

With a limited selection of oil tank security products on the market offering value and effectiveness, Tank Arm was developed (UK Patent No. 2494646), and tanklocks.com was born!

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