Tank Arm Installation Instructions

Please be assured that you will receive full installation instructions with photos, with your Tank Arm.

The installation instructions that follow give a rough guide:

Single Lid Lock

  1. Remove inspection lid
  2. Place Tank Arm assembly over neck of hole and position as shown on picture
  3. With arm open, refit lid
  4. Once satisfied with the position, insert the NORMAL screw in the hole provided. You may need to tap the head of the screw to start the threading into the tank. Make sure the arm opens and closes before adding tamper proof screws.
  5. Now add the TAMPER PROOF SCREWS and tighten down
  6. Fit padlock

Note, once tamper proof one way screws are fitted, they cannot be removed.

Double Lid Lock (Titan)

  1. Remove 2" bsp filling point cap
  2. Remove larger inspection lid
  3. Remove security lug from main lid (access to wing nut can be gained through inspection hole)
  4. Insert plastic cap into exposed hole left from the removal of the lug
  5. Place base plate over main inspection cover
  6. Screw new 2" cap and arm onto filling point
  7. Join the 2 arms together and fit padlock
  8. Fit the normal fixing screw to base plate and tighten down
  9. Check padlock can be removed and fitted a few times checking the holes line up
  10. Once satisfied, fit the TAMPER PROOF SCREWS provided. You may need to tap the heads of the screws with a hammer to start off the self tapping process into the tank easier.

Note, once tamper proof one way screws are fitted, they cannot be removed.


The Tank Arm can be fitted without drilling. However, some people may find it easier to drill pilot holes first. In such cases, we recommend a 3mm drill bit, for sale online for 80p. 3mm drill bit

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