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Why do I need to think about oil tank security?

In line with the rising cost of heating oil, oil tank theft is also increasing. Securing your oil tank is the logical option if you wish to protect yourself from being a victim of crime. The costs of taking oil tank security measures will be far outweighed by the peace of mind and knowledge that your oil is protected.

What are the security options available?

There are a number of oil tank security options available on the market, including:

Tank locks: tank locks, such as Tank Arm, are security locks which have been especially designed for oil tanks. Tank Arm can secure both potential extraction points (the filling point and inspection hole) on your oil tank, for maximum security against siphoning.

Tank alarms: tank alarms make a loud noise when oil is being removed from the tank. Due to the fact that the alarm only sounds when the oil is being removed, it is not an entirely preventative option. For instance, if you are clearly not on the premises, thieves may not be deterred by the sound as they do not believe they will be caught in the act!

Safety lights: lights which are triggered by movement will help to startle thieves and also alert you to their presence.

Dummy cameras: dummy cameras as a simple solution and can be easily fixed to walls and buildings located near to your oil tank. The cameras may be enough to put off any would be thieves from stealing your heating oil. Of course, real cameras will do the job too - but they are a far more expensive option!

Which is the best method of oil tank security?

The best method of protecting your oil tank is utilising a tank lock in conjunction with an alarm, lights and/or dummy cameras. The more security methods employed, the lower your chances of being a victim of theft.

In addition to fitting a tank lock, how can I protect my oil tank from theft?

As above, combine the tank lock with a tank alarm, dummy cameras or safety lights for the ultimate in tank lock security for your heating oil. Another innovative method of protecting your tank is in the form of defensive planting - e.g. the planting of a thorn bush next to your tank (read more on this within the chiltern.gov.uk link below!)

What do the police/government say on the issue?

The police and local government recognise that oil tank theft is an issue, especially in rural areas. There are various sources of information on the topic, including:


Gloucestershire Police

We supply the following Oil Tank Security products:

Tank Arm - Oil Tank Lock

An oil tank security lock for plastic single skin and bunded oil tanks. An easy to fit security device that requires no drilling, can be fitted in minutes, and can secure both extraction points on your oil tank.

Oil Tank Locks - Security For Oil Tanks

Oil Watchman - Oil Level Monitors

Oil Tank Security Products & Solutions - Security For Oil Tanks

Spin Secure - Oil Tank Lock

Secures the fill point of your oil tank.

Oil Tank Security Products & Solutions - Security For Oil Tanks

Dummy Security Cameras

Deter thieves from stealing your oil. They give the impression that CCTV is installed.

Oil Tank Security Products & Solutions - Security For Oil Tanks
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