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Fitting an oil tank lock is becoming a popular decision for increased security. Unfortunately oil is no longer 10p per litre, and the threat of oil theft looms over every household using heating oil. Plastic oil tanks are typically fitted with flimsy padlock points on the lids, which aren't sufficient to prevent theft.

We offer two oil tank locks: Tank Arm, and Spin Secure's TankLock. The main difference being that Spin Secure is universal but only protects one outlet on an oil tank, whereas Tank Arm comes in various models to suit different oil tanks, but it can protect TWO outlets, providing extra security and peace of mind.

Tank Arm - Oil Tank Lock

Oil tank lock

Fit good locks on your oil tank

There are plenty of reports online advising heating oil users to lock their oil tanks. For example:

Police say "lock up your oil tank"

POLICE are warning home owners and business people to lock heating and diesel oil tanks as sky-high fuel prices are making them red-hot targets for thieves.

Crooks are hitting on farms, transport depots and homes to use the oil for their own properties or to sell on at big profits.

Commercial tanks contain oil worth many thousands of pounds but home owners can also be seriously out of pocket if their tank is raided.

Police have come up with a host of security tips to help people beat the thieves – including fitting good locks...

Spalding Today, December 2011

Devon and Cornwall heating oil thefts double in a year

Thefts of heating oil in Cornwall and Devon from properties have doubled in a year, police said.

Devon and Cornwall Police said there were 120 incidents in winter 2010/11 compared to 58 in 2009/10.

Tank owners have been advised to protect their oil with locks or even CCTV, and to install level meters to alert them how much oil they have.

Tanks were vulnerable targets because they often held thousands of litres of oil, often costing hundreds of pounds, and had roadside access to allow them to be refilled, officers said...

Do basic stuff first: lock your oil tank and put a lock alarm on...

BBC, October 2011

Tank Arm: Oil Tank Lock

Tank Arm is an oil tank security lock for plastic single skin and bunded oil tanks. An easy to fit security device that requires no drilling, can be fitted in minutes, and can secure both extraction points on your oil tank.

Tank Arm - Oil Tank Lock

Buy Tank Arm Now, from £60 incl. VAT and delivery

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If in any doubt which product to go for, please contact us.

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