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Unfortunately oil is no longer 10p per litre, and the threat of oil theft looms over every household using heating oil. Plastic fuel tanks are typically fitted with flimsy padlock points on the lids, which aren't sufficient to prevent theft. Fitting a fuel tank lock is becoming a popular decision for increased security.

We offer various fuel tank locks in our Tank Arm range.

Tank Arm is a fuel tank security lock for plastic single skin and bunded fuel tanks. An easy to fit security device that requires no drilling*, can be fitted in minutes, and can secure both extraction points on your fuel tank!

Our fuel tank lock, "Tank Arm", has UK Patent Pending. Application number GB1115818.5. Patents will be applied for in other jurisdictions.

We have various models to cater for differing levels of security - a single lock, a double lock (which secures 2 potential extraction points), and a large outer lock for bunded tanks. We also have various models to cater for different fuel tanks. Read more about our Tank Arm Tank Lock.

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* This product can be fitted without drilling. However, some people may find it easier to drill pilot holes first.

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